MEET OUR STUDENT : Ilan Liberman working as Web Developer at Abilisense

1. Tell me a story about an interesting experience/ day at the we were coding the Star wars story I added peoples names to either be jedis or sith lords the results was very funny. Some unlikely people either save the galaxy or ruled it haha.  2. How did you end up wanting to learn […]

Growth Hacking and Marketing Challenge with Megane Dreyfuss

Organizer : Tel Aviv Yafo Municipal Dept. 4 Immigration Absorption And The Misrad Ha Klita Whether you are a manager of a business, freelancer, growth hacker or head of marketing (or would like to be one) , this special Growth Hacking and Marketing Challenge is designed to help you learn how to optimize your marketing […]

DI Meetup

Meet our community at our info sessions, meetups, demo nights, and hackathons. You are a marketing guy / Girl, You are tired of working in Customer support team ? Want to become a web developer AND upgrade your career?You dont know if you are capable of, or how to start ?Come to us, we will […]

Startup Library

THE BASICS  Do Things That Don’t Scale. Startups take off because the founders make them take off. Startup Playbook. Startup advice from many YC partners distilled into one document. How to Start a Startup. Build something users love, and spend less than you make. YC Essentials. What we at YC consider the most important, most transformative advice for startups. IDEAS  Why […]

Short-Term Career Advice for Internationals in Israel

One of the reasons I like initiatives such as Developers.Institute and others is the fact that they provide an effective and pragmatic solution for a very big pain, which I see many in the community suffer from. Many “Internationals” (temporary and Olim alike, young and senior professionals alike) are trying to achieve their long-term goals within a short-term period of time. […]

Session #5 – FREE HOUR OF CODE

27 Février 2018 by Jessy Gafsou (Student from #Batch 2 @ DI) First Game :  Build your own Star War game ! Second coding game : Let’s make a wish card for pessah ! Since you are surfing on the web, you have seen hundreds of thousands of website. But, do you know how to […]

Session #4 – FREE HOUR OF CODE

28 Janvier 2018 LightBot by Adrien Meyer (Student from DI) LightBot In this first phase, we explored the principles of instructing a machine about what it must do, and when. Programming a computer, is like making it “know” what we want it to do, and how we want it to behave. In this LightBot game, […]

Session #3 – FREE HOUR OF CODE

10 January 2018 Code Monkey by Gabriel Zerbib & Megane Dreyfuss (Co Founders @ DI) Wanna do it again with your kids / Sisters / Brothers ? You can ! This session contains two parts. Part I, Help the little monkey collect bananas Connect to, register as Student and join the Classroom code p5d49 […]

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