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Tech Talent Accelerator Program is in collaboration with 

Israel Innovation Authority & Social Finance Israel


We’ve helped thousands of students land their dream jobs. 

Program only for New immigrants (Olim Hadashim) and Ethiopian community.

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Our Full-Stack Web Development Javascript and Python or Data Analyst Bootcamp

focuses on immersive learning and is curated by top industry experts


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selection process

No coding experience is necessary to apply. Our self-paced 60-hour course assesses each candidate’s potential based on problem-solving and logical thinking skills.


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intensive bootcamp

Join us and study Online or Onsite in Tel Aviv for a 12-week program that will teach you to code in JavaScript, React, Node.JS, and Python, all in English, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Internship + mentoring program = career success

Boost your career with hands-on experience in Israeli startups. Our hiring partners offer unparalleled opportunities to build your portfolio, network with industry leaders, and boost your chances of getting hired.


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start to pay back

You’ve made a great start to your career as a developer with your first internship. Now, let our career center guide you through the process of passing interviews and signing your first contract.
The Fast Track to Tech

The skill shortage is a growing problem. You can be the solution.

Today’s global market needs tech professionals. Unfortunately, there are not enough qualified tech personnel to fill the number of available positions. The gap is wide – and it’s growing.

Who can participate?

Olim Hadashim in their first 10 years of Aliyah

People of Ethiopian descend living in Israel

Become a Full Stack Web Developer. Pay after you get hired

The Tech Talent Accelerator program is a practice oriented bootcamp aimed at career change and upgrade.

You will study more than 600 hours of coding classes & soft skills with our best instructors.

We will provide Career placement services from HR professionals in Israel to help you pass interviews and technical tests. It's all for our shared objective: land your first job as a developer in Israel

Exclusive mentorship program

Your mentor will provide you with meaningful feedback & guide you through the course materials, project work, and overall learning journey as you begin on your path to becoming a Web developer.

1:1 Calls

1-hour video calls with your mentor

Written Feedback

Continuous written feedback and dialogue on all projects

Career Coaching

Receive help with your web development job search

Partners & Affiliates

Dates and Tuition


Bezalel 8, Ramat Gan
Full-Stack JavaScript & Python
FULL TIME: 12 weeks | Sunday to Thursday | 9:30am to 4:30pm
Jul. 28, 2024 - Oct. 31, 2024
Full Time
Closing soon
4,500 ILS
Apply by Jul. 21, 2024
Data Analyst
FULL TIME: 12 weeks | Sunday to Thursday | 9:30am to 4:30pm
Aug. 04, 2024 - Nov. 07, 2024
Full Time
Closing soon
4,500 ILS
Apply by Jul. 28, 2024


Bezalel 8, Ramat Gan
Full-Stack JavaScript & Python
FULL TIME: 12 weeks | Sunday to Thursday | 9:30am to 4:30pm
Jul. 28, 2024 - Oct. 31, 2024
Full Time
Closing soon
4,500 ILS
Apply by Jul. 21, 2024
Data Analyst
FULL TIME: 12 weeks | Sunday to Thursday | 9:30am to 4:30pm
Aug. 04, 2024 - Nov. 07, 2024
Full Time
Closing soon
4,500 ILS
Apply by Jul. 28, 2024
Program Overview
At Developers Institute, we truly believe that anyone can learn to code, regardless of their professional background. After teaching 2500+ students, we have found that motivation, resilience and benevolence are the most important factors for student success – No coding experience required.

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This requires 60 hours of online tutorials. You’ll have access to instructional support and our entire community before your cohort begins!

Start your intensive Bootcamp

Start to learn to code with full access to our DI learning platform.

Pitch your open source project

It will improve your skills, portfolio and network.

Get an internship

Gain experience within an Israeli tech startup with our hiring partners

Get hired and start to payback

Our Career team is there for you throughout your career, whether it’s 6 months or 6 years down the line, because we are truly invested in your success.


A large, supportive team behind you

Course reviews

What our students say

We’re proud that we’ve helped thousands of professionals find their first job in high tech.

Our alumni help our students succeed in their courses and job search.

career services

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career services

Our purpose is to help you get the best job in high tech. That’s why personalized career services are provided for you throughout your bootcamp experience.

  • 1:1 career and technical coaching to get you a job, faster
  • Personalized job sourcing so you can pursue more opportunities
  • Custom outreach generator so networking and applications are easier
  • Interview prep for every interview
  • Negotiation support so you can improve your compensation with confidence

Career support begins as soon as you enroll in Developers Institute and continues until you accept a well paying job offer.

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Further information

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no prior experience. Can I apply to Developers Institute?
The simple answer is “no”. But, if someone has started learning by themselves, that’s a good thing. Many of our students begin by learning online before joining our program. What’s most important to us is your natural talent. If you have that, we can help you become an excellent programmer.

No, we do not recommend that students have any other major commitments during the course. You’ll do much better with a full focus on learning. You get out of the course what you are able to put into it. If your goal is to start a new career, you need to bunker down for the duration of the course.

Even when you give the course your full attention, you will feel overwhelmed at times. This is why it’s important to manage your commitments and try to learn as much as you can in twelve weeks. It may sound like a big commitment, but our programs will set you on an amazing trajectory if you are focused.

Yes, you can. We want to teach you to think and solve problems like a real developer, not just how to code. By practicing, you’ll get better and better. After 12 or 28 weeks, you’ll feel ready to start working as an entry-level developer, using the basic coding skills you’ve learned to do well in your job from the start.

Mornings are usually filled with lectures, learning, and plenty of fresh coffee. After lunch, you’ll have the chance to apply what you’ve learned through practical exercises. This might involve group projects, focused individual work, tutoring, or paired programming tasks.

We believe in learning by doing, which means you’ll start coding right from the very first day.

We know paying for the program can be tough. That’s why we’ve teamed up with top finance companies and government agencies to help our students cover tuition and living expenses. We offer different payment methods, including loans for the bootcamp, scholarships, grants, and benefits for veterans, that could work for you. Check out our tuition page for more details.

What you achieve in this program depends on your effort, and we’re really proud of our students’ success! We offer lots of help with finding a job, both while you’re studying and after you graduate, to make sure you get a great job in tech.

No! The internship is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend considering it to gain valuable experience. Engaging in an internship can provide practical skills and insights into the industry, enhancing your understanding and making you more competitive in the job market. It’s a great opportunity to apply your bootcamp knowledge in a real-world setting and network with professionals in your field.
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