1. Tell me a story about an interesting experience/ day at the developers.institute.
When we were coding the Star wars story I added peoples names to either be jedis or sith lords the results was very funny. Some unlikely people either save the galaxy or ruled it haha. 

2. How did you end up wanting to learn to code?
I actually wanted to learn cyber security but I learned coding first. Also I am not a sales person finding a job in israel is very hard if you are not a sales person or an engineer in something.

3. What have you enjoyed about the course?
The people and the teachers are very fun personalities to code with. I loved it more when we did our own projects in groups. Its more fun an easier to code together than by yourself. 

4. What was your most challenging moment during the course and what did it feel like when you got over the hurdle?
Debuging coding problems. Like G-d had given me a miracle that i solved it and of course relief. In these cases sometimes I want to sing Hallel. haha 

5. What are your doing now ?
I am starting to work for my first experience in a Israeli e-commerce company on data scraping, mobile optimization and improving the e-commerce front end. On the other side, I also consolidate what I learned by building my porfolio, finishing old projects. 

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