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Full-Stack Developer Interns

Data Analyst Interns

Maximizing Startup Potential: Unlocking Value through Unpaid Internships

No employee–employer relationship

Full Stack Development skills –

JavaScript, React, Python, Node.js

2-month Unpaid Internship

Data Analytics skills – 

SQL, Python, Tableau, Power BI

Successful projects our Interns have completed
with our partner companies:

Working with design systems such as Figma to visually implement UX designs

Developing a web application using React, Hooks, Redux, and other relevant technologies

Developing backend server-side app 

using Node.js

Handling full-stack, end-to-end applications and data analytics explorations and vizualisations


Why should you hire Interns?


Hire new immigrants who bring different perspectives and insights

Potential Future Hires

Cultivate talented candidates who may become 
full-time employees

Accelerated Onboarding

Leverage familiarity with the organization

Fresh Perspectives

Candidates who bring new and fresh ways of innovating

Itay Becker

CTO at Masli

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For more information contact:

Lital Chekroun, Recruiter and Career Coach Manager

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