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Cyber-Security Bootcamp

Launch your career in cybersecurity with our accelerated training Bootcamp

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Launch Your Career in Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp at Developers Institute powered by Cybint is an accelerated training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path.

Developed around military training methodologies and hands-on learning, the program focuses on the key skills sought by employers. The Bootcamp will prepare you not only with technical knowledge, but also with the essential skills necessary for a successful career in cybersecurity.

Why Cybersecurity?

With the rate of cyber-attacks reaching record highs, there is an urgent need for workers in cybersecurity.
The field has 0% unemployment and forecasts 350% job growth through 2021. With plentiful opportunities
and competitive compensation, an accelerated Cybersecurity Bootcamp is the best way to gain the necessary skills to fill these positions.

No previous coding experience is needed

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Switchup Ranks Developers Institute the 31st Best Coding bootcamp in 2021!

At Developers Institute, we believe that everyone should have access to a quality education and a career they love. We do that through community, commitment, and transparency.

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Get ahead

With our proprietary learning platform, you’ll get the full immersive classroom experience adapted for live, online learning from anywhere you choose.

Accelerated, zero to hero training program

Industry Leading Certifications

+100 hands-on real-world exercises

You Will

Join our Cyber Security bootcamp powered by Cybint and get the hands-on skills you need to land a job in the growing cybersecurity industry. Develop the knowledge you require to be part of any company’s cybersecurity workforce. Become a cybersecurity professional in just 12 weeks without any previous IT background.

Course structure


Prior to the start of the Bootcamp, learners will complete the self-paced Prework module, whose objective is to bring everyone to the same level of technical expertise.

Foundational modules

The first part of the Bootcamp covers the foundations of cybersecurity. This includes the modules Bootcamp Introduction, Network Administration, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Network and Application Security, and Incident Handling.


After the first part of the Bootcamp, learners will take a midterm exam. They are expected to achieve a grade of 60% to pass.

Advanced modules

The second part of the Bootcamp dives deeper into advanced topics and introduces students to different areas of specialization. These modules include Forensics, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking and Incident Response, Secure Design Principles, Risk Management, and Threat Intelligence.

Final assessments

During the last module, bootcampers will complete several final scenarios and a cumulative final exam. They are expected to achieve an overall grade of 60% in their final assessments to pass the Bootcamp.

Internship – 2 months

We provide you with a 2 month unpaid internship within an Israeli start up. You will gain concrete experience of cyber-security.

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Convenient Learning Paths

Full-time, 3 months : 4 hours daily with the Bootcamp Facilitator and 4 hours individual online work.

12 weeks I Sunday to Thursday

Key to

The Bootcamp was developed under the principle of “everything you need to know but only what you need to know.” Cybint’s accelerated learning methodology – based on military bootcamps – focuses on teaching the specific skills required for success. This is accomplished with:

• Practical and theoretical knowledge delivered through demos, real-world examples, videos, infographics, quizzes, and games
• Technical skills, frameworks, and tools taught through hands-on exercises in a safe virtual environment
• Essential soft-skills training – from teamwork to interview prep – embedded throughout the program

Watch a Live Lecture in Our Video Classroom

Learn coding concepts from our awesome instructors in a fun and engaging lecture. Stream the lectures live, and then access the replays whenever you want.

Get Real-Time Facilitator Support

If you get stuck, just click on the “Help Desk” button to get instant support via chat or video conference.

Learning Platform

You’ll have access to our custom-built online learning platform, which includes volumes of video tutorials, articles and quizzes for independent studying.

Fully Loaded Curriculum

Our learning platform houses our full curriculum, which consists of hundreds of hours of content on the industry’s most in-demand software stacks.

Career Services

Essential soft-skills training, from teamwork to interview prep, is embedded throughout the program. Upon graduation, you will also connect to a global alumni network and community.

Workshops Access

Access our collection of workshops that are available in-person or online. We’ll cover advanced topics such as networking, behavioral interview techniques, and pay negotiation.

Admissions Process

The goal of admissions is to make sure you’re ready for the challenges of the program, and that Developers.Institute is the right fit for you. We look for motivation, how well you work with others, and perseverance.

Meet your instructors

At Developers.Institute, educational excellence is a community effort. You can rely on our in-house team of experts to provide guidance and support whenever you need it.

Diego Messiah

Lead Instructor

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Upcoming course

Full time Bootcamp - Live Online

12 weeks I Sunday to Thursday I online support from 9:30am to 12:30am

Course Dates Deadline to Enroll Tuition Enrollment Status

JANUARY 23, 2022

to April 21, 2022

January 16, 2022


(Excellence Scholarships = ₪16,000)

Cost after scholarship : ₪10,000

In high demand
Apply now to join!


Developers Institute Scholarships

• Eligibility: Admission process
• Grant of 16,000 NIS

Olim Hadashim (New Immigrants) Scholarship: “Voucher program”

• Eligibility: New immigrants – 10 years from the date of receipt of new immigrant status
• Possible grants from the ministry of integration for Israeli new immigrants (up to 7,000 NIS)
• Deadline: Requirements must be submitted before start
• Please check your eligibility before your registration

MASSA Scholarship

• Eligibility: non-Israeli citizens
• Requirements: from 18 to 30 years old
• Optional accommodation available
• Deadline: Requirements must be submitted before start


• Monthly payment plan with 0% interest
• 100% of tuition covered


• You just finished your army service. Now it is time to find out about your benefits.
• Part of your tuition is covered by the army
• Deadline: Requirements must be submitted before start

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I have no prior experience. Can I apply to Cyber-Security.Institute?

You will need English reading proficiency, basic math and logic skills, and most of all, drive and motivation to learn in an accelerated environment. After admission, bootcampers will complete the self-paced Prework module (~20 hours) before the start of the Bootcamp, whose objective is to bring everyone to the same level of technical expertise.

I have no prior background in cybersecurity, but I am passionate about it. Can I participate in the Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Yes! The Bootcamp requires no prior cybersecurity knowledge or experience. While it is not a requirement, a background in technology can be an advantage.

Is the Bootcamp self-paced?

At the beginning of each day, you will receive daily learning objectives from your facilitator. During the day, you will learn at your own pace on the Cybint Platform. At the end of the day, you will regroup with your cohort and facilitator for another session to consolidate the day’s learning.

What is the format of the Bootcamp?

The full time Bootcamp – exclusive of the Prework – is comprised of 480 hours of best in class content, delivered 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, over 3 months. Keep in mind, we all learn at different speeds and you may find some topics require more or less time. As such, the platform will be available to you 24/7.

How is it possible to learn cybersecurity in only three months?

The Bootcamp was developed under the principle of “everything you need to know but only what you need to know”. Cybint’s accelerated learning methodology – based on military bootcamps – focuses on teaching you the specific skills you will need to start your cybersecurity career.

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