Unlimited Bootcamp ? Seriously ?

Unlimited bootcamp

Unlimited bootcamp

The world of Developers education is changing more quickly. Online education offers students an anytime/anywhere method of receiving an advanced knowledge, on an unlimited basis.  Bootcamps offers students  a community and 12 weeks method of receiving an advanced knowledge, on an limited basis.  

We want to introduce an hybrid way of learning : Unlimited Bootcamp.


What’s Unlimited Bootcamp ?

With this unique value-added benefit, graduates of Developers Institute program have access to our courses for life. Graduates can return at any time to learn a new technology or refresh their expertise on an existing technology—and in many cases there is no charge. It’s like a free software upgrade for your knowledge and skills.

Why are we offering an unlimited bootcamp ?

Web-based education, also known as online learning is quickly changing the face of higher education because it attracts students of all ages

“For maximum effectiveness, training and learning opportunities must go to the students and arrive just-in-time. For these and other reasons, demographics and competition no longer allow instructors or trainers to insist on ‘my place at my pace. . Though there are many advantages to offering web based education, web based education is not without its challenges. Many of the challenges are directly related to the same advantages of web-based education, that’s why we want to offer a physical bootcamp using online materials and offering the freedom of unlimited classes.

This study explores the benefits and issues of offering a bootcamp with the main online advantage : Unlimitedness

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