We’re moving on  Discord !
Update: we’ve moved! Permanent link to join:  http://community.developers.institute

On Friday, we will be migrating from Slack to Discord. Our Slack Community has grown to over 150+ users, and we are very excited to grow more on Discord!

We love Slack, but it’s lackingGreat feature such as : moderation features, spam filtering, complete message histories, unlimited file sharing, and much more. Which makes sense — after all, Slack was built for paid, corporate teams.

Discord, on the other hand, was specifically built for huge online communities. Its intended audience is gamers, but many large communities have switched from Slack to Discord, including development communities like Reactiflux and Unreal Slackers. It includes an unlimited number of users, unlimited file uploads (with a per-file size limit), unlimited message histories, and really great moderation and spam filtering features. It also includes voice chat, and soon video chat, which will make for an even more engaging community experience.

We cannot wait to welcome everyone to our new community! Stay tuned.