Oz Killim
University of Oxford, UK

1. Tell me a story about an interesting experience/ day at the developers.institute.

Three days in…. Our class was given a challenge. We were thrown into the deep end when it comes to coding. The task seemed impossible.We had to build a web application. Week by week onward we broke down the problem into much more manageable and bite sized chunks. We get to see how all the backend logic in the program python fits together like a jigsaw with the front end user experience that we design and then create. Every day I learn something new.

2. How did you end up wanting to learn to code?

I have always been fascinated in technology. I wanted to demystify the magic behind the screens that seem to be the center of society. Our eyes are fixated on these things so I thought I should know what’s going on with them in the background. By understanding how computers operate we can understand how we can intact with them in the most effective and positive way possible for the future.  I studied chemistry at university and felt like the job market in TLV was much more geared to development. I am so glad that I have started to learn and parts of the course are just starting to click for me.

3. What have you enjoyed about the course?

I have really enjoyed learning the logic behind python (the first programing language we started learning) it’s such a powerful tool and I feel great that`I can now implement it. I like the feeling of knowing if I have an idea I can just try it out and build an algorithm to complete a branching thought process I may have. I never knew computers were so powerful.

4. What was your most challenging moment during the course and what did it feel like when you got over the hurdle?

Every day throws up a new challenge. That’s why I love this course. The nature of coding is persevering through all the errors and bugs that appear in your code as it grows from a blank page to an intricate and directed bundle of messages between different page formats. When you get over the issue you were facing after a period of intense focus it feels great. You hear the moments of satisfaction people have in the class as they express their delight when they find a bug or an issue with the code they have been stuck on four hours.

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