Coming to Israel starting my career as a bartender, chief  waiter, actor, and became a coder. 

“Only the best decision I could have made”

I began the Python Coding bootcamp last June 2020. With the personality of an addict, joining Developers Institute was probably THE best decision I could’ve made. My coding experience didn’t start easy flowing from the beginning and I’m about to tell you exactly why. 

I started coding with about 60 hr learning sessions with something we all know called Udemy. A program that starts and ends with us in mind, with the ability to fast track, move forward and never look back. That’s where I met my passion for coding. The constant shift and changes, the debugging, fixing all sorts of problems and errors. I realized the amount of infinite learning I could be exposed to. From apps needing to be developed to creating websites from scratch, it became an addiction. The constant push and pull. It was fascinating. 

At one point, coming across what seemed to be a google meet presented by Developers Institute. I first came across Avner, and Megane on screen. I was shocked by their accent, their cultured background, but coming from Belgium the French accent was humorous for me. I couldn’t believe they were the Co-Founders of this Coding Bootcamp. 

They were vivid. Fresh, humorous, funny, energetic group of Co founders. 

Booking my first consultation meeting with DI, I understood the importance of community. 

Megane (DI – Co founder) was there explaining every bootcamp, every syllabus. Interview after interview Megane never hesitated to answer any questions I had ran me through the entire process until I was enrolled. I understood the value system they were working with. 

Nothing short of a community- With values and principles. 

After joining my first Bootcamp with Developers Institute, I understood the difference between a $15.00 coding program by Udemy, and a 26,000NIS one. And I’ll tell you why. 

Difference between a $15.00 course VS. a 26,000NIS one. 

Coding can be difficult to learn, but there are pros and cons for studying coding online. 

There’s no community in online learning. No teachers, no mentors, no one to ask questions in real time. There is absolutely no support in any regard. I could say that the only thing that’s great about learning online is the fast speed button you can do (not to mention the amount of things you miss while studying alone). No one holds you accountable. 

Developers Institutes personal mission is community. To have a consistent stream of communication between teachers, mentos, students, and members. A platform where free conversations can be had, questions answered in seconds. Mentors make it a personal mission of theirs to help the students as best they can. To show the process as clear and concise as possible. And to motivate the students by creating contests, challenges, portfolios, and projects. There is always someone you can speak to directly. 

There’s no value in learning alone. The rhythm is different, the learning style is different. A community only makes your sessions worthwhile. A place to grow, be challenged, and help you pass the learning process. They help with internships, jobs, interview processes and more. Learning to code with a Developers Institute literally feels like winning the lottery. There’s no better way.

You become responsible. 

Motivated for your own success. 

Experienced with coding and projects. 

Understand the meaning of focus and discipline. 

It’s a 120%  giving mindset. The more you give, the more you get. 

This is the value Developers Institute has…Everything changed after joining DI. 

Going back, before starting the program last June. I was originally pursuing hotel management. I had plans to go to Vatel Group, a european school. A specialized institution strictly for hotel management. I had asked myself a lot of questions about my path in hospitality. Prepared everything weeks prior to starting, but 1 week before school started I got a call. A call that changed everything. Covid-19 canceled all of my plans. Classes were no longer taking place. And there was no future in hospitality. I decided to go back to Belgium, where I went to regroup my thoughts, create a new action plan which then led to my next adventure. 

A South African Adventure. I traveled there and became a bartender, learned everything I could, but it wasn’t a dead end. Learning everything I needed to learn in SA, I began working in the Luxury Hotel in Jaffa. 

I started as a bartender there, not too long after I worked as a waiter, and shortly after got promoted to Captain waiter. I was responsible for an entire floor. More than one department for sure. In charge of training new employees, and incomers the workload was fair.  Everything had passed through me. As a professional I gained an immense amount of experience, leading and training people. Running a department. My rank was good. It was great. I became the chief department trainer. That takes a certain character I had to develop and the mindset had to be of professionalism, leadership, and resilience. 

After months of training, promotions, and experience. A worldly challenge happened. A time where Corona closed all the doors to tourism, to opportunities, and to the rest of the world. There was no future. 

Until I opened my laptop, 

Began to learn how to code, 

Discovered Developers Institute out of Intrigue, 

And found my passion for coding…. 

There’s never a bad time to start over, 

To change careers, 

To regroup our paths, 

I just knew, DI changed everything. 

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