I came to Israel to explore the country and now I’m a Full Stack Developer

“Great experience”

My name is Sophie Hautcoeur and I’m originally from Canada. I graduated from Developers Institute’s bootcamp February 2019. I later began working as a Full-Stack Software Engineer at WeGetFinancing.

Sophie first arrived to Israel February 2019, as a journalist. She was working in Canada with over 10+ years experience in her field. That’s the beauty of trying out different things, you can live your entire life in one direction and with time moment everything changes.

A DI alumni, a past journalist who’s desire to get into the tech world transcended. 

Coming to Israel was an interesting Journey, not being familiar with the culture, diversity, language, and even way of life. There’s every reason to leave. Somehow Sophie found community with Developers Institute.

She kept pushing herself mentally, challenging her status quo. Leaving journalist wasn’t the goal, but mainly learning and developing something new was at the forefront of her mind. She enjoyed the language of code, and found a profound connection with its language.

All while establishing her self here, a situation arises, a moment when things were finally going accordingly, she had to go back to Canada around September 2019. 

After a time of going back to what was familiar, she realised it wasn’t the best decision. It wasn’t her place; packing her things once again to come back to Israel towards the end of February 2020 to reunite with a special someone she had met during her stay in Israel.

Resilience and Persistence.

She quit all things from the past, came back to Israel, joined Developers Institute once again. DI was a huge part of her growth. Certainly part of her career switch and path. They stood behind her the whole time, finding her paid projects to further her portfolio.

After a time of experience of creating various projects, Sophie found a job working as a Full Stack Software Engineer for WeGetFinancing based in the US. A success story, of determination, moving cross country, of awe, of inspiration, of challenge, love, and drive. 

An original Developers institute student, turned into experienced worker, with all the right support, community, and communication from the team and founders. With passion, drive, and discipline her career began…

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