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Everyday the technology is more present in our lives everywhere. The Smart Phones that used to be science fiction not so long ago, became a key item just like having an ID. 

The life nowadays require technology, you cannot even land most of the jobs without basic computer skills, and you will most likely apply for jobs online. In fact, positions for people that know how to code may have higher value than positions for people with a PhD in other fields. 

And even if you think it might be to big of a challenge to learn how to code because of your age, the rewards of putting the effort are priceless. All the things you imagine that someone might create one day, become a possibility for you to create them yourself.

Never stop learning!

The Universal Tech Language

Just like English opens doors anywhere in the world, regardless of your mother tongue, knowing how to Code with the proper mindset allows you to understand all the available technology for creating any kind of app, and even create your own technology if you wish. 

But unlike spoken languages, when you learn to code properly, you can challenge yourself to learn a new language at anytime, as long as you understand the proper mindset and how the data structures and algorithms works.

Everyday this set of skills become more and more relevant for anything in life, and people who thinks that coding is not for them, will soon be that one person of the group that lacks the basic skill everyone is starting to have. 

Imagine when your older relative asks you to help them learning simple things like sending an e-mail or using an instant messenger on their Smartphone. The younger people sometimes do not even know how to teach, as these things became so basic that any child can be spotted playing with a Smartphone and knowing what they are doing. 

If you do not want to become to old guy that a three year old child will understand how things work better than you in a couple of years, learning to code is not an option, it is a life requirement.

Your knowledge is more relevant than your age

How many times did you feel like you are being underpaid, or that an HR of a certain company treat you like they are doing you a favor of allowing you to work there, regardless of your position or field? 

Software Development is a very demanded profession in any company, big or small, and everyday new things are being created, new technologies need to be implemented and the world is taking a direction towards technology advancements like never before. 

Because this is a field so broad, you can choose to work in person, remotely or even to create your very own Start-up and create your product from scratch. As long as your creation is working properly and attending the demand, nobody cares about your face, let alone your age. 

You have the opportunity to be on the vanguard of the new technologies, and do not think for a second that you are to old to learn or that Software is something to complex. 

In fact, learning how to code will clarify how computers and internet actually work, in a logic sense and mastering this skills will actually open the doors for understanding and mastering any future technology with ease, as the logic behind the whole digital world is the same, regardless of the technology being implemented.

The Art of Technology

Are you more inclined towards Math, Arts or Languages? Well, it does not matter for codding! 

Coding is an art, and the mindset of an artist is a great start to know how to learn and create something new from gathering different references and resources from everywhere. 

If you are more of a Math person, code is an exact science, and if you are good with calculus, there are amazing opportunities in fields like Machine Learning, that are becoming more essential everyday. You prefer Languages? Awesome! Anything you code will be written in a specific language, and the great news is that coding languages as based on the English Language. 

Even though each computer language have their own syntax, that can always be easily found on their respective official documentation, if you understand the Data Structures and how that language works, you can always search how to do what you want with that specific language and adapt to be implemented on your specific needs. 

The bottom line is that as long as you have the will and perseverance to challenge yourself, on your own pace, you will reach amazing results and enable yourself to create things you never even dreamed yourself.

The only thing that can stop you from getting there is yourself, so side with yourself, start learning to code and change your life for the better!

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