SwitchUp has chosen Developers Institute as one of the world’s best coding bootcamps for 2021.

SwitchUp is one of the most trustworthy online sources for  coding bootcamps. It features the best of the best from around the world, with a pre-requirement of a 4/5 rating at least in order  to feature a bootcamp on their platform.

They have been doing an amazing job of researching and gathering student and alumni reviews from all over the world. This way, they make sure you can have a reliable source of feedback to know what to expect from the course of your choice.

Developers Institute has just been featured in their ranking, which reflects the consistency and high standards of the course. This accomplishment indicates excellent student and alumni satisfaction, all during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the bootcamp was rebuilt to adapt to the new global reality, creating a hybrid program, where the students would be able to attend the classes both in person and remotely. The proof of success of this method is reflected in the amazing feedback from both students and alumni – now also recognized by SwitchUp.

Bootcamps produce top performers

One of the reasons Developers Institute is so successful during these times is the staff that focus on the needs of the students. They are constantly asking for feedback and keeping in touch with both students and alumni to make sure that the best experience is provided. 

Hiring managers at major tech companies and start-ups alike are still looking for highly skilled coding professionals, and over 84% of them agree that bootcamp graduates are likely to be the top performers and are at least as prepared as university graduates. In fact, bootcamps take the lead for  full stack developer positions,, as universities have not yet adapted their curriculum. They prepare their students for either front end or back end, while bootcamps prepare theirs for full stack. Bootcamp graduates tend to  have previous work experience in different fields, making them the best choice for companies.

In addition to increasing their quality standards, Developers Institute also managed to expand globally. With bootcamps in Israel (Tel-Aviv), Mexico (Mexico City), Cameroon (Yaoundé), and Senegal (Dakar) they will soon open in even more countries.  Developers Institute offers a remote program in case you  can’t attend in person. With the new hybrid bootcamp, you can participate in the classes from your home, while interacting in real time with everyone that is in the class. This method has been proven to be very successful based on feedback from recent graduates.

Relevant content for today’s tech world

It is very clear why bootcamps have become a popular option for pivoting into tech. In fact, nowadays many university grads would recommend that newcomers  take a bootcamp instead of going to university. 

Developers Institute is always up-to-date with the current technologies, ensuring that the students will be as prepared as possible to get straight into the market after the course. The main headquarters are in Israel, one of the most tech-industry driven countries in the world, also known as “The Start-Up Nation”. This ensures that the bootcamp is always in contact with  top companies and knows what they are looking for in their employees.

One huge difference between Developers Institute’s evaluation method of students compared to traditional colleges is that the students are appraised through progress and projects, instead of grades. More and more people agree that the traditional grading system doesn’t  reflect the true qualities of a student. Instead, at DI hands-on projects, such as hackathons and students’  final projects are able to showcase the skills they gained. Hiring managers can open students’ websites and GitHub projects to see what they learned, instead of giving them a test. This also means graduates of the bootcamp can  hit the ground running when starting a job  since the way they study in the course is the way they would work in the real world.

Gain in-demand skills in 12 weeks

The Developers Institute system is crafted carefully to ensure that students push their limits every day to reach their full potential. This makes the twelve week program (for the full time intensive program) as fruitful as can be. It includes daily challenges for different skill levels  which provide targets to aim higher while also learning how to self-learn.

For all of these reasons, Developers Institute is able to succeed  as well as  continue to improve based on students’ experiences and feedback.

Clearly, intensive coding bootcamps that equip participants with in-demand skills are well worth the investment of time, energy, and financial resources. Developers Institute is certainly a great choice for anyone that wants to get the most up-to-date content, with personalized service and the best customer service you can imagine.

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