A lot has changed for us since we left our little bubble in Derbyshire last year to move to Israel. We had a rough plan for how we would approach building a new life here, but many of the details were uncertain, and it’s only now that some of the key pieces are starting to fall into place.

For me professionally this was a big jump into the unknown. I left a dream job with the amazing people at Alfreton Park Community Special School, and I didn’t have any idea what I’d do for work when we arrived. I’ve accidentally ended up taking a sabbatical of sorts, and I’m extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend most of the past year studying. First of all that meant learning Hebrew with other new immigrants to Israel (I’ve still got a long way to but I’ve made some good progress!), and since March I’ve been taking my first steps in a new career…

There’s a massive hi-tech industry here, and since I’ve always been a spreadsheet nerd and loved logic and puzzles and stuff like that, I thought I’d give coding a go. I’ve recently completed the incredible 3-month Full Stack Development Bootcamp with Developers.Institute in Tel Aviv, and I’m very excited that tomorrow is my first day of work in my new job as a Software Programmer.

On paper, jumping from special needs education into hi-tech seems like a massive shift. But with a bit of luck I’ve been able to find something in the spot where these two worlds intersect, and it feels like the perfect next step for me. I’ll be working at https://d-bur.com – a company that specialises in assistive communication software (a bit like the Israeli version of Inclusive Technology, for all my SEN and SALT peeps). I’m really passionate about the work they’re doing and I can’t wait to join the team.

Review on Switchup :

The last few months have been challenging and intense – for pretty much everyone, but especially for Tehila Aarons-Richardson. She’s had to put up with the very long hours of my course, taking care of the girls while I’ve not been available. I’m unendingly grateful for her support, and I wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity without her help and encouragement. 

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