“I liked very much the place, people from different countries, the mutual help between students”

Fabio Scharkansky – Alumni of the Full Stack Coding Bootcamp Python

1. Tell me a story about an interesting experience/ day at the developers.institute.
In my penultimate day in the course I worked all the night in my project. I arrived at 9hs and went out only in the next day at 16hs. There were many students working together and helping each other. And also We had a good time with Avner eating pizza and talking about the life.

2. How did you end up wanting to learn to code?

 I graduated in Computer Science, but since the begging have worked with business, project management and functional/processes analysis.After my Aliah, I decided to be more technical, do a step-back, and relearn programming. In Israel is missing developers. I chose Python because I always worked with Databases, data integration and BI.I tried to study at home by myself, but I need an dedicated environment for that. So, I decided to study at Developers Institute because it’s a short and intensive course, and I wanted to look for a new job soon.

3. What have you enjoyed about the course?
I liked very much the place, people from different countries, the mutual help between students

4. What was your most challenging moment during the course and what did it feel like when you got over the hurdle?
For sure was the final project. I want to do a lot of things and I saw in the beginning it would be impossible. So, I had to review my project and adapt to my knowledge. Even so, I did a lot of amazing features and learned a lot with this challenge. After one full-work night at Developers (before presentation) I felt happy and rewarded for the effort

5. What are you doing now ?
 I am working at HP Indigo as a Supply Business Planner, managing production/distribution of 2 products family. In a short time will start to participate in the BI project.

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