Raziel Diaz Elsztain – Alumni of the Full Stack Coding Bootcamp Python

1. Tell me a story about an interesting experience/ day at the developers.institute.
There were three opportunities when we had to present a project in front of everyone (two hackathons and the final project). Getting to see everyone else’s projects and ideas was very interesting to me. Some projects were amazing, especially considering the little amount of time available (just a couple of days for the hackathons).

2. How did you end up wanting to learn to code?

I knew developers’ salaries were good, and I was pretty sure I was going to like coding. I felt stuck at my job at the time, and I wanted a change.  So my coding journey began in 2018 in Argentina, where I studied HTML, CSS and JavaScript at an introductory course. I fell in love with coding right away.

I’ve always enjoyed logic puzzles, and I could feel that same enjoyment when coding and even when debugging in JavaScript. 

Then in 2019 I moved to Israel, already wanting to join a coding bootcamp and get a job as a developer. So after some research I decided to apply to the Python Bootcamp at Developers.Institute (spoiler alert, I got a job!).

3. What have you enjoyed about the course?

The first thing I noticed at D.I was the people. It almost felt as if D.I had a filter for only letting nice people in, I liked that. 

And after 10 weeks of learning came the final project. Managing to create something challenging and potentially useful in just 2 weeks was very satisfying (although there were moments of stress and frustration), and gave me a taste of what I can make with my newly acquired knowledge.

4. What was your most challenging moment during the course and what did it feel like when you got over the hurdle?

I think the most challenging for me was the final project. I had decided to make use of a feature that I knew was going to be hard to implement, and I almost gave up after countless attempts and failures. But right before I gave up I solved it, and that feeling of accomplishment was priceless.

5. What are you doing now ?

So, like two weeks before the end of the bootcamp I got an interview at a start-up (Developers.Institute helped students to make our CV, and then they try to get them an interview for an internship). So I went to the interview, after which I was asked to go back for a technical test, and I passed!

So now I’m working at BeamUP (https://beamup.ai) in Tel Aviv as a junior frontend developer (my first developer job, I still can’t believe it!).


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