Bar Yaacov Gross – Alumni of Developers Institute

1. Tell me a story about an interesting experience/ day at the

For me each and every single day at the developers institute was an experience and interesting. Each day I discovered my limits and myself new and had new challenges ahead of me. 

Now your fellow students come to the rescue, to attempt to help you find the solution, reassure that you can do it and if all else fails, ask the teacher.

2. How did you end up wanting to learn to code?

When i decided to learn coding, it was more a practical decision because I did not want to be a nurse anymore and discover this world of hi-tech that Israel is so well known for. I did not expect to become a genius coder or web developer but to get an idea what coding is about and change my career. 

3. What have you enjoyed about the course?

Mostly I enjoyed and appreciated that the course gave me the right mindset. As I mentioned earlier, I did not expect to become a perfect coder but to get the right mind to find a new way and change my career. I did a full stack web development bootcamp but ended up working now with data, which is not necessary the same but a similar direction. The course gave me the opportunity to discover more of my interests and also hidden skills. 

4. What was your most challenging moment during the course and what did it feel like when you got over the hurdle?

The moment the course is about to end and one looks for employment is pretty exciting and challenging. When you are about to prove to the world what you learn, can do and have to offer. Finding a a first job is challenging and frustrating but i felt even luckier and happier when I found one in the end. This was by far one of the most exciting moments I had here so far and makes me a very proud person. 

5. What are you doing now ?
I work for Ebay as a Data Manager, I analyse site metrics and user behaviour data to inform design decisions. I make also some research specific products and market trends to identify standard and non-standard ways of defining products.

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