I cofounded more than 10 companies and invested in more than 300 companies, but let me confess to you something, I never been to college. The only diploma I have is from High School. 

Many want to know my secret: I never stop learning. I have learned how to learn and I get interested in everything around me such as finance, IT, management and especially Thora.

Recently, I’ve met Avner Maman, who shared with me his desire to open a Bootcamp in Israel and I decided to join him as a Co-Founder. It’s called the Developers.Institute

But why a Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are known to be very helpful if you want to learn how to learn and acquire new skills in the quickest way.

Lots of you are asking me, “Can a coding bootcamp replace university studies?”

Or is a coding bootcamp good for my son?

What you need to realize is that the coding Bootcamp isn’t a university class or program. The university students have around 4 years to learn these things and do projects, many of them will also have internships to improve their skills and pursue some new ones. With the coding bootcamps, you just have a lot less time, as it’s only lasting 3 months. You get straight to the point but you’ll also need experience after that to become better and better.

Also, lots of young people just don’t know what they are good at and where they would want to pursue their career. By selecting short training, they’ll be able to switch from an expertise to another easily.

Jeremie Berrebi – Co-founder & Strategic Advisory Board Member

What makes Developers.institute coding Bootcamp stand out?

Learn how to learn: We will give you access to invaluable learning techniques used by experts and give you techniques to use your brain in the most effective way.

Practice from the industry: When you are enrolled in a coding bootcamp, you are getting intensive knowledge about a technology you pick (Web or iOS) and some practical side of things. When you are enrolling in a class at Developers.institute, you are learning things by completing case studies of a startup CEO from the industry many times during your training.

Caring : Also, we created the school we would have love to attend. A school where we take care of you, where you are not just a student, where we are giving you at the end of each day, a summary of the class so that you can fully focus your attention on what’s important. Our community and the speakers coming to you

Unlimited bootcamp: Every time a student gets into our community, he will be allowed to follow an unlimited number of classes from us, as long as he graduated from the 1st Bootcamp.

The community: The real game changer of a successful Bootcamp is the network you are getting out of it. Our community is composed of teachers, students, speakers and friends of DI. When you are part of the community, you are getting in a real family. Plus, Every student graduating from DI is getting FULL ACCESS to all of the founders’ connections. 

Convinced? You wanna ask questions before you sign up? 

Contact my co-founder Avner : Avner@developers.institute

Good Luck!

Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/coding-bootcamp-right-thing-you-jeremie-berrebi/

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