Developers.Institute a Israeli-based training company, is set to open its first intensive coding course aimed at creating job-ready mobile & web developers as part of the efforts to supply much-needed trained workers in one of Israel’s hotspots for tech-startups.

We just opened the registration period for our intensive 12-week, 6-hours a day coding course starting on March. 4, 2018. « The rise of funded startups in the past two years alone is creating a huge developer crunch ».

Tel Aviv Campus of Developers Institute

Tech talent Tel Aviv

Israel is the Start-up, Tel Aviv is its essence. It’s not just innovation that creates the ideal ecosystem, but also people’s determination to be self-reliant and self-sustaining.

Chief scientist of Israel’s ministry of economy and industry or Israel Innovation Authority Avi Hasson says the private sector has played a significant role. He says $4.8 billion of venture capital investment in the country is in startups and 85% of it comes from foreign investors. “We invest 4.3% of our GDP on R&D,” he says. Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Deutsche Telecom, and Bosch and 350 other multinational giants have research centres in Israel. “One of the most important pillars of the nation is its deep public-private collaboration,” he says.

Israel Start-up Nation

According to information giant Dun & Bradstreet’s 2015 review and 2016 economic outlook, as of late 2015, some 7,000 high-tech companies operated in Israel, of which 79% (close to 6,000) are startups in various stages. The report says that approximately 78% of the startups currently operating raised capital at least once from an external source such as angel investors, venture capital funds or government funding. The startups are mostly tech enterprises in areas like health technology, phone apps, robotics, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

“High-tech is the future of Israel. We are very good at it.” says National Economic Council head and the PM’s senior economic adviser Prof Avi Simhon.

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