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Intensive coding courses for student

Code a mobile app. Create a website. Dive into the world of tech scene in Tel Aviv. You will build skills that last long after summer. Ready to join us for a summer of fun & code ?

Perfect for students with a passion of coding. Experience the thrill of startup culture in Tel Aviv.


#Developers Institute Summer coding bootcamp is a six-week experience through which students with little to no experience will learn how to master The Art of Code. You will learn everything you need to create functional web applications. You will walk away with an impressive resume and some of the most important knowledge and skills you can have today. 


What will you do

Surround yourself with other students in Tel Aviv who want to teach themselves to build the solutions to the problems they see in the world. Together, you'll face new challenges every week, exploring details and patterns that get right at the heart of what professional web developers do every day. In six weeks, you’ll be building deployable web apps. 


Build something Cool...and boost your resume

HTML. CSS. JavaScript. Ruby.Python. Maybe these things mean something to you right now or maybe they mean nothing at all, but by the end of #Developers.Institute you’ll be fluent in all five. Quintilingual, if you will. What's most important, you'll have learned how to learn about tech. Have an idea? You'll learn exactly how to go about researching whichever new tool or language may be necessary to build it.


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Our Main Teachers

Gabriel Zerbib

Co-Founder & Director of Studies

With over ten years as a full-stack developer under his belt, Gabriel brings a wealth of experience and positivity to DI.

Price : 14500 ₪

Max Availability : 40

Difficulty : Beginner

Location : Tel Aviv

Typology : Summer Camp