Alumni Book

Alumni Book

Need a developer ?

You need to recruit a developer to work on your website, create your product and support your growth. You are looking for a trainee web or mobile developer, a collaborator for your technical team or your future partner ?

Come and test our fellows 🙂

//Bootcamp : Junior iOS Developer

01. Creative

Our students are passionate about code. DI helps to cultivate this passion. It also promotes the ability to find creative solutions and be proactive in the projects developed during the courses we run.

02. Operational

Our web development training is based on the resolution of concrete study cases and the realisation of projects with real customers.

03. Love to learn

Our intensive training builds on students' ability to learn to learn. We are encouraging them to continue to progress autonomously after the end of training.

04. Team Work

We strongly encourage peer-to-peer code learning: Training is based on team projects and a strong community life.